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fire spells

Jun 09, 2010
I'm level 28 and while fighting today in marleybone the player I was with told me I was being selfish for using wyldfire spell. He said it decreases the % on pips. I was not aware of this can anyone confirm, I don't feel comfortable using this spell anymore, at least not in a team. He also asked me to stop using dots....I don't understand why, i'm not a newb in oline gaming and unless I'm missing a major point in this game I was under the impression that dots are my strenght....sigh. Any imput would be apreciated

May 27, 2009
Did you put your Wyldfire on top of his Power Play bubble? That might be what he meant - he was increasing his power pip percentage and your Wyldfire decreased that back to normal. You can't have two bubble spells at the same time, so yours cancelled his out. If a bubble is going to be played, it's usually polite to ask the other players, unless you are all same school.

As for not using DoT spells, well, there's no reason not to, unless you were attacking a target he'd already set traps on. Personally, I think that when players are working as a team, traps and feints are all fair game unless otherwise agreed. Some people have a different "me first" attitude when playing and always want to do the "big hit" and not let anyone else attack the boss.

If this was a random player you met and battled with, just use it as a learning experience as to different play-styles. If this was a friend of yours, you might want to have a short dicussion about sharing battles.

May 20, 2010
The other player doesn't have any right to tell you what spells to use or what you can say (within the rules).

The other player is wrong; Wyldfire doesn't decrease the probability of a spell working.

The other player might have a point about Damage over Time spells. Those are going to trigger Feint, Curse, Hex, etc., and prevent the team from setting up the enemy for a big hit, and they're going to trigger any of the above listed traps put down for two or three rounds thereafter (depending on whether your side or the enemy side goes first). While it's still your right to cast them as you please, it might be good courtesy and common sense to not use them in some situations.

Jan 01, 2010
if you have problems then report him or at least tell him that you did nothing and that it wasnt your fault he has no right to tell you what to do and what not to do!

Jul 01, 2009
Usually it's better to ask first. If there was a Power Play then you killed 35% of your chances of getting power pips but if there wasn't than that guy had better wizen up! Wild Fire increases the damage fire does. But be careful with it, it also increases the damage your opponents like Bail Frost, and Time of Legend. So best not use it if your enemy is fire.

Jacob Dragonrider lvl 49 Master Pyromancer

May 27, 2009
deffio152 wrote:
if you have problems then report him or at least tell him that you did nothing and that it wasnt your fault he has no right to tell you what to do and what not to do!

Reporting someone for criticizing your game play is not the way to use the Report Button. Joining someone else's battle is like showing up for dinner at someone else's house. You should ask before inviting yourself in. Before you add salt to the soup, you should probably ask the cook, or be prepared to hear how you messed everything up.

It is normally understood that the first player battling may have already begun setting traps, etc., for a planned strike, so it's bad manners to attack their target. When I join a battle in progress, I always attack the enemy I pulled in. Never use a bubble spell if one is already in use, unless you ASK and the person agrees.