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Feints not stacking with other types of feints

Mar 12, 2013
I've been testing at Foulgaze - title says it all

Normal feint and pet feint stack. But normal feint and deck-enchanted potent feint do not.

Deck-enchanted feint and item-enchanted feint (e.g. with potent from Black Light Medallion or Seal Team Recon hats) do not stack with one another.

Tc potent-enhanced feint does not stack with normal feint or deck-enchanted potent feint.

Pretty disappointing, in my opinion. This bug will be felt most severely by Balance and Ice players whose buff options are limited against some of the big guys at the end of Az, KR, and Aquila/Darkmoor. It'll be a game breaker for fights against bosses who steal blades/feeb/earth a bunch.

Not sure how introducing a new feature can cause an unrelated feature that's worked without complaint for 8 years, to suddenly go haywire. I guess that's why there's a report bug button.

Aug 18, 2011
Yup, I experienced that too. Definitely a problem.