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feint necklace

Dec 24, 2009
May 15, 2009
no no there is not the only way is to eithers
A. make death ur secondary school
B. make death your main school of focus

Jun 09, 2010
Thechaosmagician wrote:
no no there is not the only way is to eithers
A. make death ur secondary school
B. make death your main school of focus

My suggestion is use death and balance as your secondary schools. Don't train in the spells that attack in balance. I can give up to almost 5000 damage as a fire wizard with these extra trappings :). I don't worry about learning new attack spells I worry about gaining the spells that help boost up my own wizards spell. In the long run you can't lose.

Wait till you can get to the krokosphinx in Krokotopia. There you will find the school and you will find what you need to learn to get the spirit traps and the spirit boosters. You will have enough points to train for both death and the spirit traps. This way you have the spirit traps and spirit boosters.

Also don't train for the death spells on the surface in raven city. Wait till you get the summons to do sunken city. Before you enter Sunken city you will find the death school. You go there and train up to feint only. Then use the rest of your points for the balance school at the krocosphinx.

Feb 15, 2009
death wizards are allowed to create feint treasure cards for you which crafted cards are still tradable death wizards can make feint treasure cards

Apr 02, 2010
There is a Feint treasure card too.

As far as I can tell, its not dropped, but there is a recipe for it - which then means only a Death wizard/witch could craft one.

Small problem - 8 Lava Lily flowers are needed to make the Feint treasure card, and they are only found on Dragonsypre or maybe the bazaar. So my guess is you would have trade a good card to get the Feint out of a necromancer, because of all the hassle involved.

In case you can't tell already, my character is Death.

Too bad we can't trade reagents, but I understand why KingsIsle decided not to allow it, because of the problems seen in other online games.

Feint is my third favorite card, after Death Blade and Vampire. What is great about it is you can use it with your secondary school, for instance, lay it down before a Kraken. You can boost the Kraken even more if you can find that amulet that starts with Sokkwi (there are two, the other is a balance spell) that gives you two zero pip storm traps with a bit more boost than the regular storm trap, you can really deal out some damage. You can do even more more if you can get Elemental Blade - but then you really start eating up space in the deck. I trained it but I don't have it in my deck normally - only if working with a Storm person.

A trick I recently learned is to create an Enchanted Treasure Card. And the obvious choice is a Kraken, then put one or two of them in the Treasure Card selection. Then remove any Krakens card from the normal deck. Check this out - if the Kraken Treasure Card fizzles (not hard to imagine), it goes back into your selected treasure cards (not sure what the name is for that), you can play it again! Search the net on creating Enchanted Treasure Cards, someone put some effort and made a nice Youtube video on it. Two key points to Enchanted Treasure Cards - you can only make one out of something you trained, and you can't trade them. The issue I have come across with a normal Kraken (or Storm Shark) card is you need to have more Storm attack cards than Storm Traps since they fizzle so much. Since Death wizards/witches don't normally buy clothes to boost overall spell accuracy, they are stuck at the 70% with those cards. You can also make a more accurate Kraken (or Storm Shark) - I want to play around with it, see which is better.

So put it all together, a Feint, a Storm Trap item card, and Enchanted Kraken card. What a hit! I also picked up a storm bat pet on Mooshu, it works good with with the Storm Trap item card. When I come across Storm monsters, I just switch amulets to the one that gives three Storm shield item cards - you can get it on Krokotopia for almost nothing, on the island where the crafting quest is. Watch out for Myth monsters, many of them put up Storm shields.

Feint is also great when working with others, they love it! Just be careful using it with Storm monsters, they can really hit hard the +30% global trap that is placed on yourself. Also watch out using it with noobs, they don't understand you are "taking one for the team", and hit it with weak spells. Monsters that use Fire Elf are the best, since that spell hits a low amount per turn and clears out the trap, especially if its the first round. (same for Storm or Ice Elf).

I personally like being in the first slot, so the monster attacks me, then I can use Vampire and Wraith, combined with Death Blade, to get the health back later, while others do the heavy hitting. It also gives you better 'vision' if its time to use Feint. Feint isn't affected by Weakness, so while you are waiting for a low hitting card to show up, you can lay down a Feint.

Angus FireDust, Death school, currently on Mooshu.

A+ Student
Jan 05, 2009
ski23 wrote:
hi, i wanted to know if there is a feint necklace

The pet 'Pale Maiden' gives a feint card as one of its slots if you are lucky.