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Fast Travel Glitch?

Feb 08, 2009
I was getting a message when I tried to fast travel to my friend, both of us are members and we are on each others friends list. The message came up after we tried to faster travel that the friend is not on your friend list. Very strange. Answers? We tried at different times for about 2 hours and still the same message. We also rebooted a few times. Sad :(

Sep 28, 2008
i have had that same problem i have a lvl 26 myth and she is cassandra earthcrafter i have made some new friends lately and it says that they parent on my list not only on that character but on my lvl 11 storm wizard kane it happened not once but multiple of times This is getting fraustrating and ireitating someone plz fix this problem cause i lost half my friend list cause of this problem so i feel you man i am with you with this problem :x :x :x :x :x