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Every dropped pet is called Baby Abby

Aug 12, 2008
Seriously, every single one I've encountered.
I understand that there are technical issues with changing pet names but how is it going to look when every single player either has a Pioneer Dragon or a card giving pet called Baby Abby?
We need to atleast have the chance to choose the name when we first equip the pet.

Aug 28, 2008
I've only seen in twice, but I agree once it is a DROPPED pet, then we should change the name. Or they should make a new shop in the bazaar/shopping districts for a "Name changer" to change your pets name.

Aug 24, 2008
If they can't implement a name change option they should at least make it so the name is randomized from the list instead of taking the top two options. That way they'd at least have different names.

May 22, 2008
Yeah, I would at least like to see a name randomizer for looted pets.

Aug 27, 2008
Hah! I'm glad someone posted this, because I couldn't figure out why everyone was naming their pets Baby Abby. ;)

I was starting to think it was some weird way to define a guild and no one was inviting me... hehe.

May 24, 2008
Or just make the name invisible, or none.

I don't keep my pet ghost, who is so cute and rare, with me because of that stupid name.

Hope they can fix this some way!

Aug 25, 2008
It gets worse.

My girlfriend got one of hte mummified Krok pets, and it's name was originally "Bandaid Bernie or some such. After zoning a few times, it changed ... to "Baby Abbey". :? :x

Aug 04, 2008
If we see the info panel of dropped pets many of them have their own name like Kanyo Diggit, Boo Fraidy, Drippy O'Slimey, etc.
Why don't they just display those names?

Jul 30, 2008
As someone in another thread pointed out, this is clearly a bug as 'Baby' and 'Abbey' are the first two names in the names column. This bug has been around since the beta and it's a bit sad that it still hasn't been fixed.

Ideally players should be able to name all pets including dropped ones -- it's more fun, and after all, if get a pet from your local animal shelter, don't you rename it? Especially if it's named something awful like Fluffy or Mittens or Jeff? (My apologies to anyone with a pet named Fluffy or Mittens or Jeff.)

As already stated, at the very *least*, the name should be random and it boggles my mind why this bug has remained for so long. Just adding my voice to the crowd.

Jul 23, 2008
HEY! I had a cat named Jeff! He was the most loving, caring, and mentally off kilter cat I ever had!

And as for the "Baby Abby"...I agree. There should be a way to change that name. My wife has two dropped pets and we have named them on our own but it's no fun when you cannot share it with everyone outside our computer room.

Even if it is, say, a treasure card. They are one time use and can be purchased from any dealer except....here's the kicker folks, it would not be cheap and not tradeable. SO you would have to earn it yourself. If you make it tradeable then some kind of restriction would be needed. Cannot have the in-game economy go wonky over constant name changes.

I wonder:

1. Is name change for a pet possible?

2. If so:

a. Could a buyable treasure card be an answer?

b. I think using gold instead of crowns would be the best option IMHO.

c. Tradeable or no? Meaning buy it for a friend or, in some cases, a real-life relative?

d. What kind of restrictions would be necessary to avoid abuse?

e. Should there be a level restriction?

If this is possible there is one thing I would ask be done, make sure non-subscribers can use them. It is possible for them to get a dropped pet so why not a name change too? (If I am mistaken about this part then, oops! :-) )