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Error reporting

Jul 31, 2008
I would like to report two errors

1. I was doing the instance level of Kensington with a few friends, and we did 95% of it together. However, bythe end of a battle one of our partners had to leave to refill her bottles. The problem was that once she did refill her bottles she could not teleport back to us. It said "That player is busy" or something of that sort. The same thing happened when the other player had to leave, so I was left, to my great regret alone. As these things go I was killed soon after and we had to start the entire instance level once more. (this as any who have finished Kensington know is not an easy thing)
My partner thinks that this may have happened because we started out as three, then somebody summoned a minion, and while the minion was playing another player teleported to us, which may have caused some sort of breakdown.

2. The other error is as fallows. Right now, I am a level 33 storm wizard. This is not my first wizard, I created another one (life) which is currently at Mooshu. While training my first wizard I noticed that every certain level a button would appear in the bottom right corner of the screen with a messege from Professor Wu indicating me that I could learn a new spell, or she had a new questfor me. However with my storm wizard this has yet to happen. I am not sure if this is because something is wrong or simply because Professor Balestrom does not want to contact me ( ).

Dec 02, 2008
On #2, you can turn tutorial tips on or off. In your case, you likely turned them off.

While we're reporting errors, I was doing Tomb of the Beguiler with my ice wizard. I got it to the point where the only battle left was the end boss. When I ran through a door late in the instance, it stuck me outside the start of the instance. When I went back in seconds later, the whole thing had reset, so I didn't get to finish.