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Error: Pet not available.

Apr 20, 2011
Hi, recently I've been encountering an annoying little bug when try to hatch using the kiosk. There has been times where I've tried to hatch with a pet in the kiosk, but to my dismay only a message saying "Error: Pet not available." appears. It's a bit irritating thinking you are finally going to hatch with pet youve been looking for, just for it to say "not available." My suggestion is that pets who have reached their hatch limit be automatically removed from the kiosk since they will no longer recieve hatch peppers and alleviate confusion. It doesn't make sense to keep them in the kiosk if people will not be able to hatch and the owner won't recieve hatch peppers. Another suggestion that might be less viable is to have no limit on the hatch peppers the owner can recieve, thus allowing for more hatches. My reasoning behind this is that the owner can simply remove their pet from the kiosk once it recieves 10 hatches and put it back in for more hatch peppers without dealing with a timer. So we may as well have no hatch pepper limit, right? Hopefully this issue is somewhat resolved.