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ERROR: failed to load zone.

Feb 11, 2009
im really upset because i cannot play my highest level player and i just got back playing recently, i cant even get it right away it shows failed to load zone...anything you can do to make it so my character is not in crab alley cause i think its because im in a part where selena gomez quest was at and thats why it cant load it but i would like to play my player again she a lvl 35 an her name is Fiona DreamFountain i really appreciate if you could help in any way so i can have my player out of that place so i can enjoy my game thank you!!

Hello young wizard,

I'm sorry you are having this error. Please send an email to support@wizard101.com with your account name (no password), character name and a description of the "failed to load zone" error and they will assist you further.