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Error 123

Jan 24, 2010

I have been trying to play wizard 101 since 4 Novembre 2010 without succes.
I get the following error message:

Error 123: You were unable to complete the Wizard101 download.

Actually, the launcher is able to download everything, but something goes wrong with the patching itself, since it aborts when patching, not when downloading.

My firewall settings, proxy server settings and/or advanced network settings have been the same prior and after the problem has occured.
If anyone might know a solution to this problem, i would be gratefull if he/she would shared it with me.
Uninstalling is not an option.
My paid subscription ends on 18 Novembre 2010, so no need to post a solution after 18 Novembre 2010.

Altough it seems useless to try, i did change my proxy server settings and firewall as part of the solution offered by KingsIsle regarding error 126, but as expected it does not work. Which is only normal cause those settings have not been altered prior or after the problem occured, so they cannot be the cause of the problem at hand.

I have also mailed my patch logs to KingsIsle, on the same day the problem occured, the "WizardLauncher.log.txt " files to be exact from BankA and BankB, but 36 hours after i send them, KingsIsle kindly asked me to send the same information to them, again. But a solution remains out of reach for now.

Thank you