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Enemies turning in battle?

Apr 21, 2012
This is a minor glitch. But sometimes when I attack a ghost or a Clockwork Golem enemy, it turns about 90 degrees clockwise. When this happens on ghosts, it usually only lasts until i hit him again, or he casts a spell. But with the Golems, he rarely turns until he's defeated, why is that?

May 05, 2010
it is a glitch. in wysterea (i hope i spelled it right lol) in tanglewood way (i think its called ) in the wall the rank 7 green men (i think they're called ) when they cast a spell they sometimes turn 90 degrees to the right until they get attacked or cast another spell. it is the guys that spin when they cast a spell only.
Fred FireFlame lvl 34 (did wysteria at about 29? 30? finished at lvl 32 or 33) Fire

Nov 05, 2011
Sometimes they cast backwards, Greyrose?
FYI this is in unicorn way lost souls and lady blackhope.