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Emperor’s Retreat Progress Did Not Save

Dec 01, 2012
Hi. I was soloing the Emperor’s Retreat dungeon in Krokatopia when I realized I was low on mana. I only had one more boss in the dungeon, Krokhotep, and decided to teleport to the Oasis to go get some more mana for the challenging upcoming boss. Instantly, as soon as my life wizard stepped onto the Oasis sands, the dungeon disappeared! I felt tricked! Luckily - or so I thought - I had marked me location in the dungeon. When I clicked on the marked location, an error message popped up on my screen that said something like “You took to long to complete the dungeon”! I mean, yeah, what do you expect when a life wizard is soloing a multiple-boss dungeon? I’m really frustrated.

Is there really a certain amount of time you have to complete the dungeon in before it becomes unmarked? If there is, there should atleast be a warning message before leaving the dungeon. Yes, the red teleport mark was above the marked location button before I left.

Please fix this for other wizards who might have the same problem in the future or let me know what I did wrong. Thanks!

Aug 03, 2016
Did you change realms?

Changing realms, porting home (I think), or quitting the game on that wizard will all zero out the dungeon.

I get a warning pop up if I do so. Maybe those can be disabled, though. I'm not sure. Did you disable the warning pop up at some point, maybe?

I change realms on purpose sometimes -- if I go to a dungeon and no one else is there; if I enter a dungeon only to pick up a quest item (like a Zeke quest or something); if I enter a dungeon only to fish. That's because that red flashing X can be distracting at times.

Sorry you lost your progress. Wish I could help more.

Aug 03, 2016
"When I clicked on the marked location, an error message popped up on my screen that said something like “You took to long to complete the dungeon”!"

Oh, I've just reread and this jumped out at me. Sorry. But, I hope the other tips I posted won't go to waste if someone l reading didn't know those things.

I'm not sure how long we have to complete a dungeon while in it, but, if we stay outside the dungeon more than 30 minutes, it zeroes out again (in addition to the other things that can zero it out.)

Try calling for a team up on the dungeon. Good luck.

Jan 18, 2010
Couple things you want to keep in mind when doing exiting dungeons.
Most dungeons have:
  • Dungeons Recall - Allowing you 30 minutes after you teleport (not walk out the main entrance) out of the dungeon to for say, get mana, or sell.
  • If you lose connection while in the dungeon and you're defeated and transported back to the commons area, you'll have that same 30 minutes to return to the dungeon before it resetting via clicking the glowing 'X' Icon on the bottom of the right hand corner of the screen.
  • 5 Minute Timer - Also, in some cases, once defeated, you'll have five minutes to recover and teleport back to the dungeon before risking resetting.

Marking the location is at time pointless if you fail to arrive in the dungeon before the 30 minutes time limit as you unfortunately learnt the hard way.

So, to avoid this altogether - Have your portions always filled! You're given them for a reason to avoid going to the commons area to recover. Don't take the risk.

Dungeons from here on out only gets longer and more annoying, so, you can't be affording to have it being reset on you. Carry those filled bottles like you do a bottle of water on hiking!