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Eclipes tower skip bug?

Oct 24, 2010
Now i won't say i'm gonna consider this a bug but more of a skip.

So you know how in Khrysalis you got the eclipes tower dungeon where you fight the bosses to get shadow magic? Well i found out that you can actually skip the first boss and instantly go to the second. You just gotta walk past the first boss and into the teleporter to go to the second. And guess what? When you go to the second floor, the boss actually talks to you as if you defeated the first boss and the quest marker says to defeat the second boss. When i walked back the quest marker tells me to fight the first boss, when i walked to the second floor again, it told me to defeat the second boss. And also when you defeat the second boss, you completed the quest for the eclipes tower, you didn't even have to fight the first boss. I'm not sure if this is intended (which most of the time i think isn't) or if this is just a misspelled in the game code.