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Easier Instance Grouping

Sep 28, 2008
Personally, I think getting a group for instances is way too hard right now. I think that there should be an additional tab to the book called LFG (or something relative). In this tab, there will be a drop-down menu that lists all the worlds. If you drag your mouse over one of the worlds in the drop-down menu, it will bring up a sub-menu listing all the instances in the specified world. If you click on one of the instances in the sub-menu, it would place your name in a list, and it will bring you to the list to view everyone else in the list. In this list, it will have your name, and have a button to send Menu Chat to you (possibly make more menu chat options specifically for looking for groups), it will have a button for teleporting to you, (there will be options to disable people from talking to you from LFG and to prevent people from teleporting to you from LFG), and there will be a button to ignore you in case your bothering someone. It will display everyones name on the list so you can see who else is interested in that instance to bring ease to your instance group searching. Because Wizard 101 is low on population at the moment, maybe even make it universal so you can see whos interested that are in different worlds and realms. If you change your mind about an instance, you can simply leave the list or change it to a different instance. (can only be in list for 1 instance at a time).

Heres a picture i made quickly to give an example of what it would be like. Obviously it will have more detail than this if it gets created but this is just for the idea.