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Earn Crowns - One Broken Ad

May 19, 2014
So for the past month or something I've been getting this broken ad that just won't go away, and that's not the annoying bit, the ad doesn't even work, and it's repeating itself, and in the rare chance another ad comes, it only lasts a couple of minutes before this broken ad starts coming up again, or it says you have no more videos to watch, then it just loops this broken ad.

Getting another ad other than this is like a one in a million chance, this ad has "Powered by Supersonic" at the top, then when you click the play button to play the ad, "Sorry something went wrong with this video, try again" and it just keeps looping, it's NEAR IMPOSSIBLE to find any ad not powered by supersonic or something, i took to KI Support, they told me to check flash and stuff and change browsers, I changed browsers and checked i had the latest edition of flash, I did. No problem there, it still didn't work, I did get ads that were powered by Flash Player that did work, which means Flash Player is working,which means the ad itself is broken, and the most annoying thing is, this ad is the first to come up, it's repetitive and doesn't even work properly, so i suggest removing it and replacing it, or just remove it so we have a chance at something not powered by supersonic and working for once.

Whoa that was a mouthful, hopefully KI can get round to this as soon as they can, because this ad is bugged. It's not earning anyone any crowns.

Best of luck :)

Jul 30, 2015
Ya, I have experienced that too! Hope it gets fixed soon. :)