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Dungeon Glitch

May 04, 2013
A few days ago i told a friend that i would help her with Malistaire. Well i tried to teleport to her and my character disappeared and it said error world is not available right now. That happens a lot not in dungeons. The the game reloads. sometimes it doesn't reload and says cannot connect to server. Well this happens all the time with dungeons. Also other places too. So i go to the character selection. Then that sometimes works but this time it didn't. I was very angry so i had to log out and log back on but instead of saying press any key to play it said connecting to w101 please wait. Normally when it does that is never loads! so i had to do it again and finally when i got it i apologized and i tried to teleport to her but it said she was in a full dungeon! she only had two other people with her. The same thing happened with Kingston park, and sunken city. Though the dungeon is not full.