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Dungeon Bosses

Sep 17, 2012
Ok, so we all know when you kill creatures in a dungeon and then die you can go back in right away and continue where you left off. There's a huge flaw in this when it comes to bosses though. Just as an example I had this happen on my Myth with Orin Grimcaster in The Crucible on Dragonspyre.

I soloed the dungeon to the final battle. Killed Orin first, then died. I should be able to rejoin and fight him again because the quest didn't complete since the minion killed me. Instead, reentering just leaves you with the minion to kill. It doesn't make sense to not have the boss respawn and instead make wizards redo all the levels of the tower again. Either the quest should complete (which I don't think it should) or the dead Boss should respawn. I understand having to fight him again, but having to restart the whole dungeon just because I KILLED him early is a bit silly.