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Double pets???????????????????????

Aug 31, 2008
Something weird happened while i was in dragonspyre, i was helping my pal, Mark SkullFlame, in an instanced level, when i looked at my dragon pet, lord hunter, but there was a lord hunter on both sides of me! i was freaking out! plz, plz fix this problem! i don't feel comfortable with 2 dragons of the same thing!

Justin DragonBlood; Lvl 44 Thaumaturge 8)

Oct 17, 2008
Weird.... Did it stay like that? Try unequipping you pet and reequipping him. I've never seen that.

And this may sound weird, but I know a Mark Skullflame too! He's on my friends list. It might not be the same one though, but last time I remember seeing him, he was around your level. Coincidence?

Dec 13, 2008
Weird, Very Weird Indeed. I have not yet heard of this glitch until you have brought it up, but not to worry, that doesn't mean it isnt real. So don't freak out, KingsIsle are probally aware of this, thanks to you for helping them out. The more you post the more they have to read, and the more they have to fix. Get it, so keep posting and soon it will be fixed. Just post all the bugs you find! Keep Wizard City safe by reporting nasty bugs. *NOTE: For suscribers only, if they are in the Test Server playing and they notice a bug, they can click the bug report button and fill out the report*

Answer to Windilly: Mark Skullflame could possibly be the same person. But my acurate guess would be a "No" sorry to say. But there is over one million great wizards here in Wizard City playing this wonderful game, there is limited name choices. I would guess there could be 1000+ Mark Skullflames in the game, but hey, it could be both of your friends, I just thought i would point that out.

Dec 09, 2008
Hey Justin, it's me John IceBlade. This happened with my dragon so I put it away.