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Doors and tunnels make me lose companions!

Dec 31, 2008
When I am running with another player and we go through a door (say from Regents Square into Royal Museum) or tunnel (say from Commons to Shopping District), we often end up in different copies of the game (not sure if different areas, or realms, or what). If we are friends we can port to each other to reunite, but if I am just showing someone where the pet shop is I don't want to add them to my friends list, which is usually full anyway.

This has been happening frequently since the Dragonspyre launch. It makes it difficult and aggravating to show new students how to get places, not to mention it makes me seem unfriendly if they don't know what happened. If the doors and tunnels are reducing crowding by switching people's areas, could they somehow put people who run through at nearly the same time into the same area?

This is something we are definitely looking in to. It would certainly be nice to know you're going to stay with your friends when you transfer between areas.

Jan 31, 2009
Just wanted to second this.

Have been times where we fought a boss together and when we exited the room we had been put in two different areas of the same realm. Has happened several times to my friends and me.