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Does anyone else get "connection lost" When they p

Mar 15, 2009
sparky1233334444 wrote:
i got it 15 times in katzensteins lab
That must suck But at least u can get on the game mine won't even let me on the charecter selection screen!

Aaron Skull Hunter LVL:46 Master Necromancer

Dec 23, 2009
Lorianne29 wrote:
When i am in grizzleheim it keeps saying connection lost.Its only that world because i went to the other worlds and it doesnt say that.They never fixed the problem.I cant play wizards anymore if it keeps kicking me off saying connection lost 'cause i already beat the whole game and have nothing else to do.Does this happen to anyone else?My friend plays and she said it happens to her to..

well that kept happening to me but then i went to best buy and bought a thing
that boosts your internet connection. you should get one too it helps me a lot and it's cheap.

Feb 01, 2010
i bought this new royal playhouse a couple of days ago and the first time i went there it said that i was connected too long what does that mean? but it doesn't do it anymore thank goodness

Apr 17, 2010
I do when i go through Nidevellir it makes me frustrated when i do cause then at the bottom where the chain thing is it loses connection immediatly but i try it over and over again and it always does it i dont know why..... :?

Lvl 49 Ice
Have Fun Everyone!

Oct 09, 2010
Happens pretty ocassionally... once i was about to help someone in Firecat Alley, but guess what ... LOSE CONNECTION! I was so embarrased that I (or in this case my computer) failed on the other person!

May 19, 2009
huh? i have no troubles at all i used to long time ago but i figured out how to fix it myself and it just never hap- well it does sometimes but rarely ever

Jan 29, 2009
yea me too although it only happens occasionally for me

Jun 17, 2009
IT happens to me everytime i try to beat Katzenstien's lab. It always happens at the part where your spossed to turn on the chimmeneys. Its happened three times now and always at that same part!!!!!! It annoys me and has kept me there for over a whole month!!!

Jun 17, 2009
I get them at least ounce a week. The worst part is it only ever happens in a dungeon. Litteraly I was 88% finished with Katzenstien's lab when the Com. went "connection lost" (this happened twice!) I'm past Katzenstein's lab now though.

P.S. does the chrimson fields in Mooshu seem well, off to anyone? It seems really Jacked up.

Dec 31, 2010
Do you play with a laptop? if so, constantly carrying the laptop around your house will most likely cause you to lose connection.

Otherwise, it could just be where you live...