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Do something about dispels please!

Sep 20, 2008
I still think there a few flaws KI has still yet to fix yet.. I was just in a PvP match for a little over an hour persistently waiting for my opponent to hopefully run out of cards. Thankfully I was going first or else I probably would have been shark bait. I'm sure many of you come across the type of wizard that think they are the best because they use cheap tactics. Now, I know there is a fine-line between something being cheap and being fair. However, I'm still wondering why hasn't KI done anything about dispel spamming. Now, in 4v4s this may not be as much as an issue considering the fact that in 1v1, dispel spamming is a huge issue among the crowd that attempt and win a match by using such a tactic. So the duel pretty much went like this, my opponent would constantly boost up for what appeared to be a skeletal dragon and would constantly use infections, bad juju(he used this about 3 times) and 3 life dispels in a row once, then he used shatter. Thankfully, my strategy worked and I planned to just shield and attempt to stay alive as long as possible, he eventually ran out of cards. Now some of you might be thinking, well isn't that a solution. Attempt and wait it out? But for those who ask such a question to themselves, how would you like to sit down for an hour and a half and do nothing while somebody else is attempting to win with a cheap "strategy?" The other person I faced clearly wanted for me to say something, however I kept quiet the entire match. At the end right before he fled, he had to make a rude, a sore loser if you will, remark. I'm sure for many of you this isn't the first time you've experienced dispel spamming, just the other night I was watching a tournament where the other team was spamming sun dispels. They had a balance mastery amulet and kept spamming life dispels and their school dispels and then they used reshuffle. But my overall question is not if this a cheap strategy, but is this morally a nice thing to do? The point of a game is to have fun, what is so fun about wasting others time who actually wish to partake in a fun or competitively fun duel? I'm sure your plan for the other player to flee out of frustration after wasting their time on a meaningless strategy evokes so much excitement. I'm sure some of you will try and argue with me that, well under a dispel you can use other schools spells. Really? As a life wizard myself, I'm sure I could still cast anything effective with 2 -90% weaknesses on and 2 life dispels. Can someone please give me a valid excuse as to why using such a time wasting strategy should even be given the time of day?

In a nut shell, please KI, do something to fix dispel spamming. Its annoying and overall a waste of peoples time. I've seen duels go on for hours with dispel spammers. Its unfair for people who want to have some competitive fun and are unluckily finding people who just want to tempt and frustrate people into leaving/ fleeing a duel.