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Dispels not working?

May 13, 2013
I currently have a level 88 ice in Azteca, who will be going through Xibalta very soon. Since I solo everything, I want to be prepared, so I watched a solo video of it by Alexander Lionheart, a fellow ice wizard. In the final battle with Malistaire, the two ice minions cast Frost Dragon all the time. This absolutely plagued him with ice dispels.

But for some reason, the ice dispels only worked on the first time, and whenever he cast an ice spell, it would use up two dispels on one cast. Except for the first time, the spells didn't fizzle consistently no matter what he cast: prisms, iceblades, even lord of winter.

I really hope to be prepared for this battle, especially now that I have seen all of the dispels, and how they seemingly don't work. Can someone explain to me why they weren't working?