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Disconnections issues: we need your information


We've heard from some players that you've experienced disconnection errors recently where you see an error message that says "That area is closed right now, try again later." This is followed by a "Failed to connect to server" error message.

As we try to track down the cause of this problem, we need some more information from anyone who has experienced this issue.

Please reply with the following information:
  • Time of day when the error happened (with time zone please)
  • What realm you were playing on
  • Area you were trying to access
  • How often does this happen

Jan 14, 2015
This has been happening since about 2am last night, EST for me. I saw a message about some kind of maintenance, so I attributed it to that, and went to bed. Upon awakening, I eventually got to the computer, where I noticed, regardless of realm, and area attempted, it seems to be narrowed don to your 'In-between screen' as I call it. The standard Wizard101 loading screen. On my way into dungeons with a friend, in between parts of a world, going in and out of pet pavillion, and even in between games in said pavillion. I am attempting this post again, as I have not yet been approved, I guess. So if it repeats, I apologize.

Jun 29, 2014
Time of day: Randomly occurs numerous times, started at 12 PM EST (Time I woke up) and is still on going until now (4:25 PM EST).

Realm: I've tried to switch to numerous realms and the issue would still persist.

Area attempted to access: I attempted to access various areas ranging from worlds, arena, pet pavilion, my home (Wooded Cottage), etc. Some would succeed in reaching the desired location while the majority would fail.

How often: It would be safe to say this occurred while trying to access at least 60% of the locations I wanted to reach. 1

Apr 18, 2014
It started happening this morning (EST) out of nowhere and it kept happening approximately every 10-30 minutes and I kept switching realms and still this kept happening (Banshees, Balestrom and others) also the areas it would happen to were random. (Mangrove Marsh, Ravenwood, wtc)

Jun 29, 2014
In addition, at this point in time the game seems to be completely not be responding. Upon launching error received: "Connecting to Wizard101.. please wait". Issue at this time seems to be on going for many players. If the game does successfully launch it would be a matter of time before the "Area closed" message is shown. Lastly, upon attempting to load the game with the launcher there are times where the player receives error 110/119, etc. "Unable to connect to Wizard101".

Sep 17, 2012
  • 12-5pm EDT
  • Various on all my wizards
  • Any transition, teleporting home, teleporter gates in home, changing wizards, going into/out of bazaar
  • every 5-10 mins
There are also issues the same with the forum and freekigames. Playing Trivia, it fails to connect when entering answer, must refresh and reanswer until it actually connects. The forum posting is the same, if you click submit it will sometimes just timeout and you have to click Back and repost it.

Aug 07, 2011
Haven't logged on today yet but yesterday right after the extended maintenance. Lincoln realm. Happened whenever my wizard got the loading screen because he moved to a new area and once when he opened a sliver chest. He won to get disconnected. I meant to e-mail you and got distracted. I'm not concerned about the prize from the chest -- they're just a nice little extra -- but I am concerned after the disconnect. If it happens today too, I'll try to remember to get you additional information.


It looks like this was an issue with Verizon that was only affecting some users in the Northeast US. It should be resolved now. Thanks for your patience and for the additional information.