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Dieing without trying?

Sep 20, 2008
Yes this is definetly a bug. I can't even get pasted my spot it is such a bug. Several times I have won a game. And then I am sent home as if I died. I hear the health break. And this apparently is only happening to me. Because anyone else probably would have posted about it .

If you run out of cards you are teleported home when the battle is over. Is this what you're experiencing?

Dec 02, 2008
That you automatically die or flee or whatever when you run out of cards even if all of the enemies are dead is surely a glitch. I've also seen this happen once when I still had cards left.

Dec 24, 2008
Orca wrote:
Yes this is definetly a bug. I can't even get pasted my spot it is such a bug. Several times I have won a game. And then I am sent home as if I died. I hear the health break. And this apparently is only happening to me. Because anyone else probably would have posted about it .

Yes Orca, this has happened to me as well. I have tried to set up my cards to utilize in my battles, only to find out that after I have discarded the greyed-out ones along with the ones I don't want to use (which sometimes ends up being almost all my cards in that one particular round), it would sometimes make me flee out right in the middle of the battle. Sometimes I would lose my mana, sometimes I would lose both, and the next thing I know, is I'm back in the Commons area, or sometimes in the Oasis area (depending on which world I am in at the time). It has only happened to me a few times, but recently hasn't happened at all, so hopefully this situation is fixed :-)

I know that what I am about to say should probably be placed in another thread, but feel that it relates to this issue, and I am sorry if I haven't found any other similar threads about it yet, but will search. So, here it goes. :-)
Is there a better way to situate your set up of cards in your deck? I mean, I have certain cards that I want to use, so I place them in the deck. But when I go to use them, I seem to always find that several cards are greyed out. Sometimes it is every card or every one except maybe one card, and it may be a card that I am not wanting to use at that time like a shield card. Thus the need to keep discarding, which in turn, has led to the few times of getting kicked out of the battle, lol. Also, when you are trying to help heal someone, and this happens, it gets a bit tedious, because they are about to die off in the circle, and you can't even help someone out. So please, let me know if there is a way to better implement the cards in the deck so that we can have less problems with discarding all of the time. I dont know whether to add more of the same cards I am wanting to use in the deck, or keep only one of each one in the deck so that the shuffle rate per round would improve or not. Thanks for any any all help on this.


aka Hunter Drakehaven, Magus Sorcerer

Dec 29, 2008
No, I don't think he's/she's talking about not enough cards at all, because the same thing happeed to me.

I was with three other people in the Haunted Cave, fighting four Field Guards. Well, we take one out, it's fine. The next one, when it's at about thirty health, it pauses, looking at him after the round had ended. Whatever, just a little pause, probably lag, right? Nope.

So, next round, that Field Guard dies, and it pauses, looking at where he was. So, it goes back, everythings fine until I discover you could actually target the dead guy! It said he had zero health, there was no one there, but you could still attack him. If you tried, the game would skip. Then, all Field guards were like that, and we couldn't do anything, until all of a sudden *POOF* we all die, and are back at the Commons.

Major bug.

Dec 24, 2008
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
This also gives great value to the Reshuffle card sold in Colossus Blvd.

I can understand you wanting to "push" or sell a card, and I am not trying to disagree with you Professor, BUT my wife plays and does utilize this card and she STILL has trouble with better selections of cards. I don't even have to use this card, as I discard a lot of cards in each of my rounds anyway, so, I don't understand why this is still happening, or why I should have to buy a card (or several of them) when I can discard/reshuffle myself. Thus the problem is still there.

Along with the topic of "Dying without trying", after the monsters are cleared from a battle, the Pips and "life/health rings" from the monsters are gone. There is a sparkle in their circles, more or less indicating that they are still there, and the game freezes up, and we keep getting hit by them, and then we end up losing our mana/health, and then we end up being sent back to whatever "home" areas we are in at that time. Then we have to do the battle all over again.


Sep 08, 2008
Throughout my playtime I have found that simply discarding cards because you wouldnt want to use them is perhaps not exactly the best thing to do.

I only keep cards in my deck that I use. No matter what the pip cost, no matter what type of card, I can always end up using it. Every card I draw I will use in one way or another. One exception to this is of course the converts. If there is no need to use the converts, I will discard them immediately.

Unlike one on one boss fights, or wizard duels, random encounter fights with 2 mobs can drag on for quite a while. Not discarding cards enables you to keep fighting without running out of spells, and while pacing the fight, you will find yourself still being able to kill your opponents.

I keep 4 copies of blade, traps, converts, and shields. 2 of rank 4, 4 of rank 5, and 4 of rank 6 spells. I keep 4 of Pixie and Satyr for healing. This keeps my deck pretty full. If I dont have damage cards, I simply discard the useless converts (if useless), and buff up with shields/traps/blades, until I do draw a damage spell card. It drags the battle out, but you will find yourself running for a long time if the fight tends to stall, especially with monsters that have very high health.

As for the bug, I have yet to encounter the bug where my opponent monsters wont die. Maybe it had be fixed, I am not sure. But I have never been in that kind of situation.