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Didn't get the bunny pet at the end of quest

Aug 09, 2013
Hi. I just completed the quest where you go into that area in the Haunted Cave (the one with all the blood bats and evil vegetables), then I came back to Nightside and I talked to Dworgyn, but he didn't give me my reward. He said that I needed to stop the rabbit guy. But I already did that!

- Jacob Bluesword, Level 22

Hello Jacob,

Did you complete the quest series and defeat Nosferabbit? If so, when you turned in the quest you should have gotten the Frankenbunny pet.

Double check that your backpack is not full, because it may have gone into your bank if your backpack didn't have room.

If you've done both of these and still need assistance, please send an email to support@wizard101.com so that they can help you.