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Didn't get my shark week gift?

Aug 04, 2010
Hello ,
I present this issue to whomever can help me.
As of right now about half an hour ago, I went on the website Wizards101 main page and saw I could get a free shark week gift. I click on it and said "redeem gift" so I went through the whole capcha and what not.
It said "When you log in next time to your wizard account, a present box will show up". I logged in but nothing is there, I tried walking around maybe, or it might be a bit delayed, even tried logging on and off but still nothing.

If anyone can tell me what's going on, I would deeply appreciate it!

- Mary JadeDreamer

Hello young wizard,

You have a Dressed Herring pet snack waiting in your gift window. If you have 10 pages worth of gifts in your gift window, you'll need to redeem some of those to see the gift. Could that be the issue?