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details on spell buy back

Nov 13, 2010
I am a level 63 wizard that has some unnecessary rank 1 spells. I want to buy them back. the only problem is that I got spells from the loremaster, crowns, and hard to reach places. if I buy back my spells, will the really hard to find ones go to? what about the loremaster and crowns spells? I don't want to loose them! please reply especially Lydia Greyrose.

p.s. Lydia, if you get other things about this sorry, I figured out how to post a few days ago and sent other stuff to. but still reply! plus, your totally the best professor ice fairy ever! I love winter!

Sep 17, 2012
Crafted spells, spells from card packs and loremaster are all learned spells. The only spells you lose by buying back training points are the spells you actually used training points to learn. All others remain untouched. You just lose the training point spells, get the points back and need to revisit the trainers to get the ones you want in exchange.

Mar 30, 2010
The Professor did answer this in another post. No worries. Loremaster spells can't be unlearned unless you delete your wizard. Only spells you used training points for will unlearn when you buy back your training points in golem court in wizard city.

Hope this helped.

Nov 13, 2010
thank you so much! now I have no fear about spell buy backs and can get the spells I really want! I don't know how to express my gratitude for your help any other way than