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Dedicated realms for worlds and popular areas. (an

Dec 18, 2008
To start off, when i say a dedicated realm for a world. and different level of duelist.

What i mean
is that there should be a realm named mooshu, or marleybone, or krokotopia.

What i dont mean
is that players should be forced to play on these worlds while in this realm.

This is a rather simple suggestion, you already have many realms, just rename them so that players will know the realms where more players that are in there area are.

Especially in realms like marleybone and mooshu where help is often needed but very hard to find.

I think the benefits of this is obvious. so i really dont think i need to explain.

Secondly popular areas. Like the duel arena and probably more in the future should have there own world.

Especially the duel arena. It infact Needs three realms.

One named Low level duelist

One named mid level duelist

And one named High level duelist.

Now these are rather vauge names and can be made far more intresting but i'll just get right to the point

Now that i am a higher level, i often find more low level duelist then anything else.

Now not only is this severly not fair, But rather frustrating for the lower level players.

All it takes is one unevenly matched player to take down an entire team. Thus having a realm where the players of that specific level can gather would benefit all duelist :)

It sounds like you will enjoy the new Player vs Player feature that is currently on the test server and will go out to all players in the near future. It should help with the problem of high level players dueling against low level players.