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Death School Books

Oct 13, 2013
So today I was looking in the death school for no reason cause I was bored... Then I saw on the desks the books said "The Magic of Storm". What? Shouldn't the books be death books and not storm books?

Shelby Skyslinger Level 42 Pyromancer
Morgan Stormblood Level 3 Diviner
Savannah Golderheart Level 3 Sorcerer

The book you are referring to is titled The Magic of the Storm which may or may not have anything to do with Storm Magic.

Apr 21, 2012
This is true, and even if it did, having a second school is not an uncommon thing. Death can use storm magic for harder hitting spells (as seen in game). Don't believe me? Watch what happens when you load a hex, curse, and feint with a tempest.

No storm puns here, but sparks fly.

I do recall one of Wizard Cities problems involved a certain faction of undead who used storm magic. Maybe part of the storyline? Possible spoiler?

Same principal as the book "Chicken soup for (whatever)". Isnt about chicken soup, took me a month of therapy to get around that one.