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Dead Plants

Sep 22, 2010
I was wondering why the heck .... when i care for my plants and they are as healthy as can be one day .... the next day they are all dead .... it just through me that's all .... and i have noticed that on certain occasions .... the plants revert back to being young after hitting elder .... and how the heck do you higher level plants i am rank 11 and the highest level i can find is 8 .... ( and that's like one or 2 seeds ) ...

Thank For Reading ....

Sep 17, 2012
You can't visit your house or have other people visiting it after you have filled the plant needs. This triggers needs. Stop visiting your home when you don't need to. Visit it to take care of plants when you login or before you log out, but leave it alone the rest of the time. Gardening is best done in a secondary home so you don't visit by accident and trigger needs. As for higher rank plants, there aren't any. Higher ranks are only for learning higher level spells.