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Dark Animism +25

Feb 19, 2021
The spell Dark Animism from Beastmoon belongs to the Death Draconian form

it has 450 health, no starting 2 pip 200, 125 or 150. Maximum damage he can do turn 1 is 100 for 2 pips.

I'm mentioning what someone else said:
Dark Animism doesn't make sense at any DPP because 200/3 is 66.67 dpp.
if Death Drake is supposed to have 75 dpp then it should be doing 225
Currently it does 200 for 3 pips.
Please think about this, or any other kind of damage buff.
I'm mentioning that form because it's one of my most favourites as a theme.
Thank you for the recent bug fixes and balance changes, it's very nice to see.