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Damage boost from clothing for Damage On Turn

Mar 01, 2009
Why are our boosts from gear not calculated for spells like Scold, Heck Hound, Storm Hound, etc.? I have checked it numerous times and even submitted it to Kingsisle Support twice.

It can not be that hard to code into the game. It would be the first multiplier for the spell's total damage, followed by bubble & blades then divided by 3. It should not be considered unfair to other schools/spells either...right? I don't think so, my Balance wizard and Fire wizard agree.

Jul 04, 2009
I agree. KI seems to keep forgetting that Fire's special ability is DoT cards. Every other attack spell they learn is DoT, so why doesn't the Fire-only equpment that gives boosts to Fire damage not take this into account? And why does the Fire prism not take this into account?

Nov 01, 2008
Tell me about it. I am an ice wizard who has a secondary school of life. I use frostbite to help me out with shield removal and it only goes for the first direct attack then the rest are the regular 150 (with the exception of resist) and I really hate it :( Also with the sprite spell. I use to have +13% incoming and +14% outgoing and the outgoing does not effect the overall healing of the spell, just the first hit! Its not right at all! :(

Mar 01, 2009
Yeah, you are right! My healing boosts also do not add up I have the 14%/15% incoming/outgoing ring and dagger things. So, logically thinking here, my sprite should heal 90 (times) Outgoing % then, (times) Incoming % when I cast this spell on me. But, I am getting 115 health each round, when I believe it should be around 149 each round.

Instead of making the worlds and monsters easier (like they are planning to do in DS by lowering health, etc.), lets get some of these calculations corrected.

Jun 27, 2010
[Talon] x checks the math x
[Talon] no it looks like 116 or 117 is right on whether they add or multiply I/O.

149 is more like +65%. Please tell me if you find a ring like that!

Talon Ravenstaff

Mar 01, 2009
Talon, read directions thoroughly, then re-check your math check.

Equipped was one ring: 14% Incoming / 15% Outgoing
and one dagger: 15% Incoming / 14% Outgoing

Base Sprite healing per round is: 90 (times) 1.29% Out = 116.1 (times) 1.29% In = 149.769.

However, in a different thread, a person posted that when healing is cast on self, we only get the Incoming (or was is Outgoing?) percent, healing does not act like a "boomerang". But, if I cast it on you, you get my Outgoing percent plus your Incoming percent (if any)

Jul 18, 2010
I have sadly found that it is true also. No damage increase with buffs for my Damage Over Time spell cards.

Maybe it is too hard for them to do? Like maybe they tried it and it broke the system so they think of it as only a minor inconvience until they can find some kind of way to make it work for us? I don't know, seems that it would apply without us asking it to...