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Critical rating

May 08, 2018
Can someone help explain the critical to me? My critical rating goes down 1 every day, exact same gear. I reached level 120 and was trying out different matches which is when i noticed, since then i have went down 1 percent a day from 58 to now 43 percent over the span of 2 weeks give or take while wearing the exact same gear. Does my attack percent have any effect on it? I did raise my attack once, when i was experimenting with it, not every day or anything. Will it ever stop going down? Its the first thing I look at every time I login. Anyone else have this issue? Thanks for any advice or comments.

Jul 16, 2014
It goes down as you level up so if ya leved up a lot in the last few days/weeks then it will be lower. Someone a few years ago decided this was a good idea. Give the enemy lots of critical block, let the enemy critical more, take away our critical block and at the same time make our critical go down as we level. This is the only reason I do look forward to the new world 100%.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Critical Rating decreases as your level increases.

So, what's happening to you is completely normal.

The way to alter this is by constantly upgrading your gear or investing in a pet having Critical Talents and/or Jewels boosting Critical Ratings.

This is the same for Blocking.

Dec 15, 2010
From my understanding, this is what is referred to as critical decay.

Each time your character gains a level, the requirements that you must meet to maintain your critical percentage increase.

In other words, the more you level up, the more critical rating you will need to get to a certain percentage than you did before.

(Level 1s need less critical to reach 100% critical than level 120s)

It was not always this way, but now it is.