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Critical block has gone to far

Mar 04, 2012
The thing is, I've been questing in Avalon lately and have started doing lots of Criticals, although whenever I Critical the Boss / Mob always blocks! I see no reason as to why people try to Critical so bad just to have it blocked, so I think the block ratings on Bosses / Mobs should be lowered a bit, just enough so that they aren't blocking 80% - 90% of the time.

That's all.

Katie Moonflame, girl of

Sep 07, 2011
Critical is mostly a PvP thing. You are better off focusing on boosting damage and resist, at least for bosses. You can land critical on mobs as you get stronger, but it isn't worth giving up your other stats.

Sep 19, 2013
Monsters don't usually block me that much, but bosses are nigh-impossible to crit-no-block on. It's all luck, I have around 30% chance to crit and I managed to sneak one onto Gladiator Dimachaerus a day or two ago.