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Crit/Block percentages nerfed?

Nov 21, 2011
I know the topic about the recent changes to critical and block is a hot topic as of now, but i cannot help but notice that the overall calculations for critical and block percentages are lower than what they were before despite being the same overall rating, almost dramatically so.

As an example, my critical rating for Fire is 231, with the overall percentage from the items i have equipped coming to 36%. But after the Polaris update, that has been cut to just 11% with the exact same gear layout. Global boost from my wand beforehand was 12%, but now it has been reduced to just 1%, rendering my overall critical chance as practically worthless.

Block is an even worse matter, especially as a solo player currently in Azteca. With a global block rating of 251 and a percentage calculated at 56% before Polaris went live, it looked as if i was all set for the update with those solid block stats, which i thought the changes on the system were admittedly much needed, but even that high block rating is barely adequate for what i'm up against any more, as the overall percentage has been cut down to just 35% with the same rating and the times my crit blocking is actually successful seeming even lower than said percentage.

This then raises a couple of questions: Was the percentage nerf actually intended along with the rework? Was my vision of what i thought was going to happen completely wrong?

I don't know about the rest of you, but some of the update notes on the system rework baffle me to no end.

KI, if you are reading this, i hope that this matter is worked on as soon as possible, as the system now seems more broken than it was before, and it pains me to see a good game like this potentially turn out to have a troublesome future.

And with that, the only thing i can now say is..



Yes, players seeing a reduction in their critical and block percentages is an aspect of the changes to the critical and block system. See the bold quote from the update notes below.


The system for calculating Critical and Block has been altered to provide more balance in gameplay. Previously, if a Wizard’s Critical Rating was lower than the opponent’s block rating, they would almost never land a Critical hit against that opponent. The calculation has been altered as follows. When a Wizard casts a spell, the system will calculate a chance for them to achieve a Critical hit with a higher chance to succeed based on their Critical rating. Then the system will calculate a chance for the opponent to Block the Critical hit based on their Block rating. These new calculations will show a reduction in Critical and Block percentages overall. While this means that you may achieve a Critical cast less often than you previously may have, when you do land a Critical hit on an opponent, it is less likely to always be blocked. This should provide more variety in gameplay, and give Wizards the opportunity to continue to improve to level 110 and beyond in the future. As an added benefit to the system, Critical heals will now receive a minor bonus beyond the doubled healing amount.

Dec 20, 2008
It is not balanced. Regardless of how they put it. It always depended on our percentage, all they did was lower it and candy coat that by saying "Its not based off of your percentages and this will balance out gameplay."

Dec 02, 2013
I have to agree with Miranda. I do not understand why KI made the game worse for people who have spent years and lots of money on the game? What was the point of building up critical attack or critical block in getting gear, training pets etc if KI can just randomly take all this away? KI has cheated people and there is no doubt about that, you can call it an upghrade but it is Not an upgrade. Its just cheating people out of the time spent and money spent.

Apr 27, 2009
This completely messed up my ice who is questing through khrysalis with waterworks gear. My crit is down to 1% and block is down to 3%. Because of this it is almost impossible to solo bosses (something that I could do perfectly well before despite still using waterworks) because I can't block their crits. I think ki should go back and reconsider their choices on this because this change has made the game a million times harder(in really unfair ways I might add) for me and other players.

Aug 27, 2011
I agree that the percentages have changed too much. It makes sense to have the block percentage depend on the opponent critical percentage but the calculation doesn't feel right. also the bosses I have gone against don't seem to have had their critical percentages changed.

Nov 27, 2009
Here's a HUGE problem with how they have changed things:

"While this means that you may achieve a Critical cast less often than you previously may have, when you do land a Critical hit on an opponent, it is less likely to always be blocked."

So that's great, in the sense that if the total number of successful crits against a foe is the same or higher, fine: it means you get blocked less.

HOWEVER, the problem I have is that Crits also effect HEALING!

What I have noticed in the couple days I've been playing since the update, is that I have not had a crit heal yet, when before I was getting crit heals about half the time.

That, above all, is a huge nerf... I'm having to jettison all my crit gear and go for huge defense instead in a desperate attempt to counteract my nerfed healing.