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Create more pets!

Aug 31, 2008
8)I'm hoping that you will create more different pets! i'd be awesome if they would create a Phoenix or Ice Wyvern pet! oh, and definetly a super unique pet that gives a mutate card!(for ex.: an ice elf pet that gives the mutate ice elf card) and maybe some pets that give a card that summons the pet as a minion! THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lydia, i hope your reading this, cause i could really use a better minion then our current colossus!( all he does is lvl 2v and up spells, he really needs to do more lvl 1 spells) :D

Justin DragonBlood;Lvl45thaumaturge

Oct 17, 2008
Wait a second, you are ASKING for him to have more level 1 spells? I love it when my ice guardian uses the more powerful attack!

But I do understand what you mean. He does use Frost Beetle every once and a while, but that is rare.

Feb 08, 2009
That would be really cool, and since I am a conjurer a golem minion or humungofrog pet would be really cool. :D