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Crash Dump? What in Wizard City is this and how ca

Mar 19, 2009
I thought it was my PC problem but have talked to other wizards around Wiz city who experience the same trouble. It is really annoying for it to happen in an instance cause it logs you completely off and shuts your PC down and there is a good chance you die and have to start instance over while logging back on. Help! LOL

We are continually improving the stability of Wizard101 but without specifics I cannot help you determine why it is happening to you in particular.

Please submit a bug report about this issue by going to the Help & Support tab on the left and contacting Mr Lincoln.

Dec 02, 2008
If the game client crashes while you're in an instance, reopen the game and you'll still be in the instance and can continue where you were. The client does crash a fair bit, but it generally lets you pick up where you were.

I haven't seen Wizard101 shut down a computer entirely. Both Windows XP and Vista try to make it awfully hard for a program crash to do that. If you're using Windows 98 or ME, a crash that takes down the whole computer could easily be the fault of the operating system and not the game.

Feb 27, 2009
I have had flawless performance until the most recent updates. And I mean flawless. During this month, I have had a far slower gameplay experience. In addition, I have had a lot of game crashes and server disconnects. None of my settings have changed.

I often get disconnected while attempting to teleport OUT of instances. I also had a strange incident where I was running from MooShu commons to the Village of Sorrow, went into the house that leads you out of the commons area... and got stuck inside! I was stuck with about five other wizards. When I attempted to teleport home or to the commons, my character "appeared" to teleport out. However, I became invisible. Was not able to log out. Was not able to teleport out. Was not able to leave using the doors. Stuck. I eventually got out by teleporting to a friend.

I understand that there may be odd and varied reasons for server disconnects and game crashes, however it just seems that there have been many performance issues that have been introduced within the last few updates.

Working through MooShu I noticed the creatures "stutter stepping." Not sure if this is just sloppy animation, or the effects of the poor performance of the game.

But a theme I am beginning to notice is that when new gameplay components are introduced to the game, bugs begin to amass. And they stick around.