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Constantly forced out of game?

Mar 19, 2010
Hi currently whenever I play the game after about 40 minutes to an hour the game becomes unplayable as my character is unable to interact with NPC's, change realm and other players just cease to move or respond so obviously I have disconnected. The game doesn't let me quit into the character selection through the book so I have to be in small screen and force the game to close. Then if I try to log back in I can get to the character selection screen but whenever I click play it just says "Verifying Character Selection...Please Wait" and after a while "Wizard101 is very busy right now, please try again later." It's not my connection as I've checked if it's still working and it is and otherwise I wouldn't be able to reach the character selection screen.
I could understand if this was occurring at the busy times of the day but this is happening all the time for me and it makes the game literally unplayable I don't know what i will be able to do when I come up to the next dungeon that takes an hour or longer. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.

Sep 17, 2012
It sounds like you don't have enough memory. This can happen when you play for any extended period of time without restarting the game, however since you say it happens so quickly it sounds like you have a small amount of memory available, or a full harddrive.

Oct 31, 2013
Ah, i have seen this happen in other games, and it's normally a result of improper installation. For some reason I have had unusual problems with logging in but after a while it goes away. Try it again after re-installing wizard101.

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