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connection problems please read

Mar 13, 2010
my boyfriend and i have recently subscribed to the game, now we're not beginners as we have been free players for a month and finished all the free quests in wizard city then decided to upgrade so we could explore more worlds together. as we did this, his game began having complications, as it would disconnect then reconnect in the middle of battle. it also will log him off and back in and always in a battle.

tonight as we were in the palace of fire and doing the last quest there, his game froze , wouldn't show him his cards then even mine stopped working as we couldn't see the flame servant but it was attacking us, we ended up having to flee because we couldn't attack it.

any idea what's causing this?

Aug 14, 2009
True, I witnessed these problems.

Earlier today, I was at Grizzleheim doing Frostholm, my friend and I loss a battle, so we had to go back to Northguard, when a random, kind grand offered to help me, we went, then when i reached the entrance, the place was empty, then suddenly, i was in a battle and i couldn't see my cards or anything,only the opponent, so then i exit off the game