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Connection Loss & Crowns Lost

Feb 21, 2009
I was getting my Efreet spell in Krokotopia and bought a level 80 life henchman level 80 storm henchman and a level 80 storm henchman and I lost connection and I was not refunded my 1200 crowns and I do not believe this is fair. I would like to be able to recieve my 1200 crowns back for a refund since I did not get to use my henchman and it was a pretty much rip-off.

Jun 04, 2012
well you can't get you crowns back sorry but did you internet plug get unplug? because the same thing happen to me without the crowns :( i feel bad for you and sorry i couldn't help

May 19, 2012
This happened to me once, but when I logged back in, I was still in the same battle with my henchmen, so I was able to complete the battle. I think though, that if you lose connection, and don't get to complete the battle, some kind of compensation would be nice, though not required. I can see if someone was claiming this often, where you would be denied compensation, but not where someone only claims this once or on that extremely rare occasion where it really did happen to them. I mean, KI can look at the account to see that you were in battle and lost connection, and they have a record of your purchases, so they can see that you hired henchmen and which henchmen you hired. Not providing compensation is, however, a deterrent to hiring henchmen.

Feb 08, 2009
Your not going to get a refund. Loosing connection happens to everyone sometimes. I agree, its highly annoying but its going to continue happening. I personally think those henchmen are a rip off anyways, considering they die fairly quickly. And dont exactly do good attacks. Thats why I buy the ones for 100 crowns, when they die, you can quickly replace them for a cheaper amount of crowns.

Keira SilverThief- lvl 80 myth archmage

Feb 21, 2009
No it was not un-plugged I lost connection for about an hour due to a storm in my area compensation is required.