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Computer keep going slow!

Jul 22, 2008
my computer keep on going slow and i try to change server but it still keep on going slow! i have one of those big screen computer and it is always so when i play wizard101 except in the morning. can anyone help me please? thank you to the people who help :)

Sep 03, 2008
not particularly helpful but as best i understand i have the same problem also. any help would be appreciated.

Aug 23, 2008
Can you be a bit more specific, what is slow about it? Is it slow when you just walk around, slow in battle, slow when changing to another area, slow in crowed places only or also in empty places, do you mean by slow you have low framerate (aka shock-O-vision) or does it just hang for a couple of seconds in mid battle/move and then continue?

May 22, 2008
I have problems with Wizard running slow on my desktop, but it seems fine on my notebook. This leads me to believe it is an issue on my end, not Wizard. Perhaps it's time we sent in a note to the tech people and ask them what we can do to speed things up.

Sep 03, 2008
for me it's hangs for a lot more then a few sec's. most the time it takes at least a minute b4 it resumes normal play. I'm assuming its just that there server isn't very good which mixed with the distance the data has to travel to get to me in new zealand makes it happen. further supported by the fact that if i'm playing at midnight-7am (new zealand time) the game runs fine. also if its a computer problem then my flatmate also has it as he gets the same thing (both on desktops though i doubt that would cause problems). oh and on an side note I'm on a relatively fast connection (for new zealand atleast).