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Commons Fishing Bug

Feb 28, 2009
As the title states, there is a bug when fishing in the Commons. However, it only seems to be in the main pond and not behind both of the bridges. Anyways, whenever I am fishing in the Commons, my character gets stuck in the reeling position after catching a fish for about 15+ seconds. However, if I'm fishing as close as I can to Headmaster Ambrose's house or Gamma's Tower, I don't experience the bug as often. Not sure if this issue has already been addressed, though I've seen similar issues relating to Commons Lag and what not. Other than that, the fishing is great!

Feb 04, 2010
I had this problem in the lake behind zeke and in Olde Town. Although, I have had to log out every time it happens. I've not checked to see whether I keep the fish or not, but it does not show me the information page you get when you catch something.