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Combat camera

Apr 03, 2009
When i use some spells in combat the camera is angled so i cant se what damage i did. Particulary when i use my wand-spells(those that does 50, 55, 60 etc dmg). But also some other spells as well. Is there any setting i can activate/deactivate to get this fixed?
Becuase sometimes its hard to plan my next move if i cant se exactly what damage i did with *insert spell name here*

If there isnt an option now i would like to suggest a small fix for that. Some ideas i can think of right now is either to zoom the camera out a slight bit (maybe make it zoomable by the user even?), or having an option to have a static camera positioned with an overview of the battlefield.
Another idea would be to have an option for a combat-log in the chat that you can turn on and off.

Any (or all) of these would be greatly appreciated

This tends to happen with 'tall' enemies who tower out of the camera's view.

I'll pass this on to our camera Wizards!

Thank you.

Jan 25, 2009
Sometimes it happens to me, but ask your friends how much damage you did. Otherwise, subtract the normal health to how much health your opponent has.


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