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Cold Cases - Unresolved Bugs

May 11, 2011
I don't have quite the memory that I did in my younger years so I can't recall all of the bugs that I have researched for clues to Kingsisle's actions or intentions to deal with them. In this topic, I am hoping that other players will add to my observations and suggestions in a constructive and well thought-out manner. Thanks in advance to those of you who have chosen to add viable suggestion to solve some of the issues that have plagued the game over the years.

Note to KingsIsle: Locking topics without a resolution will give intelligent players negative ideas about the respect KingsIsle has or lacks for its paying customers. In future issues that KingsIsle cannot devote time to Think-Tanking, please hand it over to the Cold Case Thinkers among your players. Many of us have enough computer experience to have seen problems and solutions that your team have not. (Feel free to edit out this entire paragraph when deciding whether to allow this topic.)

Today, I will be posting only one suggestion to one issue because of my fading memory. The issue is the minimized loader and it's failure to resurface.

Solution: I have seen it on many Windows compatible programs in the past. It seems to be something that programmers do to comply with a Microsoft rules or just to be respectful to Microsoft. Place a checkbox somewhere on the loader, allowing users to disable the minimize option. Place a note by it recommending that Windows 10 users enable the bug fix.

Thanks for your consideration of my Idea for resolving this unresolved bug and for giving us a place to offer what help we can give.