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Clothing Glitch

Feb 12, 2011
I was on my level 16 balance wizard picking out new gear from the bazaar, and when I tried them on, the damage was glitched. The total damage of the clothing was supposed to be 10, however, it showed that it was only 4 and when I moved my cursor over the damage, it showed that the clothes were equipped with the +4, +3, +3. I tried reequipping and unequipping but it doesn't fix the incorrect amount of damage added. I also noticed that it was only glitched with I replaced my old robe I wore with the new one I bought. Wearing the usual shoes and hat adds correctly but the second I wear my new robe, it adds up strangely. Something very similar have also happened with my other character when I had her and I've been wondering why this is happening.

We need to know the names of the two outfits you are swapping before we can investigate this further. Also were these item stitched at all?

Please either reply here with that information, or send an email to help@kingsisle.com with more information, including if possible - screenshots of the gear.

Feb 12, 2011
They weren't stitched, but I found out it only happens when I change into higher level gear. The higher level gear didn't want to add up with the lower level gear. The gear I was usually wearing before I switched it out were: The Great Troll's Cap, Swiftarrow's Boots, and I believe the Gobblestone's Bib. I changed the robe with a level 15 robe--Robe of Reason. I, then, checked to see if this happens with the same level gear, so I bought Cowl of Sensibility and while the new hat and robe added fine, the Swiftarrow's Boots wasn't included in the sum. It seems that the damage doesn't add up if they're different levels.