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Chat filtering the word 'magazine'

Sep 03, 2008
Just a small annoyance today. I picked up the latest issue of Beckett's massively online magazine and was delighted to find the special offer for the Amaranthine Staff. Naturally I promptly used the code, and equally naturally someone asked me where I got it from. And this is where the frustration part set it.

I tried to explain to them where I got the Staff, but kept running into the problem that the word 'magazine' is filtered for some reason. Everything else I could type out to them, but I wasn't able to quite get across to the other player that it wasn't a NPC named Beckett, as they kept asking me to take them to 'him'.

Eventually I told them to look it up on the web site, and I hope they finally looked it up and understood, but it would have been much easier if I could have just told them that it was a magazine premium.

Mar 23, 2009