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Chat filter?

Dec 19, 2008
Ok, so I'm sort of confused about the chat filter. i can't type numbers in either number or word format. That is the most annoying. i can deal with just about any other word being filtered, but numbers?!?!?
Maybe I am just doing something wrong because I did see one person type a '9' once and it went through.
the only thing I can type without getting it filtered is "one".

Anyone have some clue as to what is going on here?

Dec 15, 2008
While one of the admins can answer this question better than I can, I do believe the filtering of numbers is done in order to protect the younger members of Wizard City. When questions like "So, how old are you?" can not be answered, it protects the confidentiality of the players and protects the creators of the game from any potential problems caused by the few bad apples who would attempt to use the game for nefarious purposes. It may be a bit annoying at times, but it is an understandable precaution.

My concern, and confusion truth be told, comes with the "True Friend" option. I think this is a good option so that you can have a better connection with that family member or friend with whom you play the game. In fact, I was introduced to the game by someone I am very close to. It is a chance for us to enjoy an activity together, even when we are miles apart.

That said, since it is near impossible to get and give a "True Friend" code to someone with whom you have no other means of communication than Wizard 101 (such as phone, email, etc), I don't see a point in filtering that chat. It seems to me that two adults or even two kids who know each other offline, and thus are able to give and receive the proper codes in order to turn on the "True Friend" option, should be able to communicate one on one with each other without the need of a filter.

Just my two cents though. :-)

Dec 19, 2008
I think I understand your idea, but video games revolve around numbers.

What level are you?
What time are you getting offline?
How many more "mobs" do you need to kill?
What is your HP?
What is your MP?

And just in everyday speech. This would be like banning the word "you" or "the"; they are essential to conversation.

So what someone says how old they are? It's not like an age will let someone stalk someone better. The anti-stalking measures in this game are well done, I don't think allowing us to have numbers will compromise this.

It's very hard to communicate and because of this, it's hard to have a conversation, therefore making it annoying to even have a normal conversation with someone.

I don't even care to talk and I'm a new player. I'm the type of person who likes to know stats. i can't even help my sister over the chat if I'm in my room playing and she's in her room playing because I can't tell her numbers.

We understand that people want to communicate their stats to other players, but we needed to let them do this without the ability to reveal information such as phone numbers and even real life ages.

To do this, we implemented the ability to say your level and other statistics in the Menu Chat. Simply click the little icon in the upper left of your screen, and you will see the 'Friendly' tab, and under that, the Stats tab. Under the stats tab are the following options:
I am level xx.
I have xx/xx health.
I have xx/xx mana.
Under the My Quests tab are all the quests you currently have, and you can tell someone that you're going to do that quest, or ask them to join you on that quest.

These menu chat options can also be used in direct person to person chat, just click on the person in your friends list and choose the Menu Chat option. The same menu will open for you to directly tell your friend your level, and other stats.

We are always looking for was to make chatting easier, while still providing a safe environment for our younger players. I appreciate your feedback.

Thank you and see you in Wizard City!

Dec 15, 2008
Professor Greyrose,

All of that is perfectly understandable as a safety precaution.

However, and please correct me if this is posted somewhere and I have just not yet seen it, is there a reason for filtered chat even between two "True Friends?"

For example, the person who got me involved in Wizard 101 is someone very close to me offline. I can give him a "True Friend" code so that we can share the private messages, thus proving that our friendship goes beyond Wizard City. As a result, is there still a need to filter what we say to one another in a private conversation?

Thank you for all your help, and all you do to keep this game and forum running so smoothly!

-Alric DeathHaven (Magus Necromancer)