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Change Equipment Battle turn

Apr 15, 2009
As I was fighting a boss today that had 2 henchmen I became mad at myself. See I forgot to change my wand and a resistance armor which almost got me killed. So I came up with this cool (cool to me at least) idea. Have a Change equipment option while in battle. It would be a button off to the side and you still only get the 30 seconds like you would if you were picking cards to play. And it would only be on equipment not cards as the deal has already begun.

What do you all think?

Feb 09, 2009
NO !

Definitely no.

Convenient but too easy to abuse in PvP. You forget your gear just wait till the fight is over and change your gear before the next one.

Crown gear and higher level shop gear have cards attached to them. Letting someone cycle their gear in combat would also let them change their deck.

All in all it's just not a balanced idea.

Better to just pay more attention and put the right gear on before the fight starts.

Apr 15, 2009

Definitely YES!

Just because you are upset by the PvP aspect does not mean this could not work. Say if a item has a card the card does not go into your deck in till the battle is over. There easy and simple fix.

Dec 02, 2008
People would high defense gear while using zero pip cards to save up pips, and then switch to damage boosting gear when it comes time to attack. Having to switch back and forth every few turns to be effective would be a nuisance.

Dec 09, 2008
How about this for an idea then? A one shot off deal that allows you to change ONLY your wand once engaged in a battle. You only get the option in the first turn, and you forfeit the use of a spell card for that turn. So it would be just like using a spell card. And disable the option in PvP practice and ranked match. Then you wouldn't have folks going in and doing a switch in a match. I've made that serious error before. Forget to switch wands before a battle. Or even worse, get pulled into a battle I didn't want, with a wand that won't help. Course, there's the whole coding nightmare for that.