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Celestia Boss Battle Probem

Apr 16, 2014
I am following the main quest line in Celestia and I got to the quest Talk to Karolak KnightSpinner in the Sorcerer Sanctum. So I went in the sanctum and fought Karolak and the minion. So afterward Karolak is suppose to appear and you are suppose to talk to her. But she never appeared. And instead respawned and I had to fight them all over again with low health. Then afterward the same thing happened. Karolak did not appear for me to talk to her. so I went out and came back in and fought them over yet again. Same thing she did not appear. I tried to click an the pedestal that is in there and no X appeared for me to click. I followed the arrow to the middle of the room where she was suppose to appear but nothing was there to talk to. So now I cannot continue with the main quest line. I will try again today but I really need this bug fixed so I can move along in Celestia. Any help is appreciated. Scarlet ShadowStone level 66

May 12, 2009
were you in with a friend? because on my myth wizard a very similar problem happened i was talking to karolak when they clicked X on the thing then we bgoth got caught in batttle but for me it didnt count as battle cradit because i hadnt clicked the X thing after the battle i still couldnt so i was very nervous that my character was glitched and would not be able to continue the story but what i had to do is go in alone and get the quest back from karolak then clikc the X thing before anyone else was with me i may have just confused you more buit thats what happened to me with this guy and he is definitely a pretty bugged boss

Apr 16, 2014
Yes I had someone with me but he had already did the quest by himself with no problems. I tried everything I could think of and still she was not there for me to talk to. I did the fight four times and each time the arrow pointed me to the middle of the platform and I went there and it was an empty space. So I waited a day. went back with two other friends expecting to have to fight her again. But no - there she was with the question mark over her head waiting for me. This happened to two other people that I know of and I feel it is a true glitch that should be looked into. Scarlet ShadoeStone Level 71