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Castle Tours Problem

Apr 19, 2010
Hi all,

My problem starts when I try to visit my friends house. It goes to the loading screen then says

"Castle Tours has prohibited you from teleporting to that house"

Am I banned from that house or something??? Someone please help

The owner of the house has used 'Send Away" or 'Send Away All' while you were in their house. You will not be able to visit that house again.

We have plans to change this so that you can visit that house again after a three day cooling off period, but that change will not be added to the game for another few months.

Apr 12, 2011
May I make a suggestion:

Can Wizard101 create a Phone Booth Item for the Houses that only the owners can port into along with up to 3 other people, Then maybe we can get into our own home and bring special guests.


My house is full, due to being Top Ranked:

1) I can not port to my house and take care of my plants.
( never grow plants at tours house lol)

2) I can not port to my house to help a friend do pvp, bane or pagoda.

3) I can not get into my house and bring people to play my stuff.
( It says: Dungeon Full )

My house is not a Dungeon.

What is the People Limit?

How many people are allowed to visit a regular house?
How many if the house has a pagoda?
How many if house has Pagoda and winterbane?

Is there a way that the Owner of that house gets to go there with up to 3 other friends/people before anyone else is counted? ( like a reserved area to port into ) a phone booth :)

Where that phone booth can keep up to 4 slots open for the owner, maybe owner can choose
how many slots to reserve.

Thank you,

Sophia Dragonheart

First with Top Rank Magical House and for over all Top Rank Tours
Thank you everyone... Magical houses to be reposted 1st of each month.
All my Magical houses have bane and pagoda, enjoy, there are lots of them.