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Castle Magic Spell Errors

Dec 13, 2008
I've done this a few times on accident and the result has always been the same. When using "Player Detectors" to tell and object to do something, if you have multiple overlapping and end up telling one object to do multiple things, your game will crash. Your player will not log out. And logging back in before your player disconnects will immediately crash your game again.

For instance I was trying to make an object watch you as you walk by, my set up was the following:

One player detector said on entry "Turn to me" and on exit "Restore Position"

The second player detector, which at the time overlapped with the first, said the exact same things. On entry "Turn to me" and on exit "Restore Position"

I'm guessing when the object was told to face more than one direction at a time, it didn't know what to do and just crashed the game. I've done this similarly with telling an object to do something and saying to restore all objects. Perhaps showing the area a player detector covers may help prevent these problems in the future.